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The community redefining the world of private air travel

Instajet is the community that is redefining the way passengers and operators view and experience private air travel, with our transparent, efficient, direct business model. It begins with our ‘couldn’t be simpler’ reservations app. It ends wherever you choose to go. Your destination: delivered.

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Maximize use of your global fleet without complex quotes

When you travel regularly, for business or leisure, reliability, value and service are essential. With Instajet you get instant, on-demand visibility of aircraft category and price for your route and date, via our simple, free, app, with flexibility, no ongoing commitment and unlimited financial protection. Select and reserve your flights with the app and let our operations team find the right operator for your trip.

Whether you are directly arranging flights or researching and recommending options for your executive team and others, simplicity is key. With Instajet, you get an easy to use, risk-free, app to reserve flights and simplify travel administration and management. Add to this the ability to earn rewards through referrals via your personal QR code, with an app you love to use, refer and share.

Whatever the size of your fleet, a straightforward, predictable way of doing business is key. With Instajet, there is no need to quote. Instead, you are offered confirmed, fixed price flights, coordinated by our aviation experts, with no hidden costs or variable fees. Access new passengers and maximize your jet hours across your entire fleet in an efficient way.

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