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Introducing the Instajet Route Card

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Replace or complement your jet card with our Route Card!
  • 25 routes between the top 15 private jet airports, and growing

  • Annual subscription only € 10,000 per year or € 1,000 per month

  • Access the industry's best pricing, guaranteed for entire year of membership

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Winter 2021/22 Route Card (EUROS)
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USA domestic routes included from January 2022

Summer Seasonal routes coming March 2022

to get your Route Card subscription or ask us a question

Each flight is fulfilled by the Instajet Operations team, who choose the best available aircraft for every flight you take. Our Route Card subscription comprises more than 250 route and aircraft combinations. With no blackout dates, no large fund deposits and no limits on the number of flights you can take, it is perfect for business and leisure travel alike.

The Instajet App

You can use the Instajet app to instantly reserve on-demand flights globally, at guaranteed pricing and with full financial protection. Download it for free from your preferred app store today. It is the perfect accompaniment to the Instajet Route Card. With the app, you can fly to and from anywhere in the world.

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If you frequently fly the same core routes then our Route Card subscription provides you with the best possible pricing for those routes. If you have a broad range of flight requirements globally, then our app enables you to instantly reserve flights on demand: just enter your route and time and select from a shortlist of aircraft sizes, from very light to large. Whether you use the Route Card, the app, or combine both, all flights come with guaranteed pricing and unlimited FCA Escrow protection.

Travel / Lifestyle / Corporate

If you regularly fulfil travel requirements for clients in the hospitality and travel world, you can easily add flights to your packages with a Hospitality Route Card, with popular skiing destinations included in our Winter seasonal routes. Or simply use the Instajet app for visitors from other destinations. If you work in the travel department of a large corporation, then please ask us about our corporate subscription rates so everyone in your company can benefit from the industry's best pricing!

FBOs / Operators

With our app, you can instantly reserve flights to and from anywhere in the world. As an FBO, passengers trust you to provide a range of pre- and post-flight services, so why not add flight bookings to your offering? With Instajet as the back office for charter services, you can earn $1000 for every flight fulfilled via the app, with no day-to-day overhead. You can also rebrand the app in your corporate style for use throughout your company. If you are a private jet operator, you can use the Instajet app to fulfil any flights you are unable to: become a global virtual operator for your clients.

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