Save up to 50% on charter costs

JetAhead’s intelligent booking  system maintains utilisation on aircraft and passes the savings to the customer. 

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Save up to 50% on charter costs

JetAhead is a business jet charter program on a mission to mirror the operational success of low-cost airlines, the most successful and intelligent business models in commercial aviation.

Airlines achieve their efficient costs by flying up to 6 trips per day with the same crew and aircraft with individual trip lengths that rarely exceed 2+ hours. They also turn around in 30 minutes.

To deliver the cost savings we’re offering on business jets, we mirror the operating methods of low-cost airlines. That means we need a small amount of flexibility and understanding from you in exchange for significantly reduced charter rates.

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Out with the old

Aircraft downtime between flights is a major contributing factor to the high cost of a standard air charter – we’re changing things.

The majority of private jet passengers know exactly when they want to fly. This means, thanks to JetAhead’s slot-specific booking process, we’re able to perform significantly more revenue flights per day and customers aren’t paying for aircraft downtime. 

This intelligent booking system means clients pay around 50% less for a like-for-like standard charter.

Know your schedule? Speak to our booking managers today for a no-obligation quote – you’ll be glad you did.


In with the new

The private jet charter model is bloated and outdated – there have been no major developments in decades, and passengers are still paying well over the odds.

In today’s climate, businesses and individuals need to optimise every cost avenue, especially private travel. Enter JetAhead.

We’ve built a program that provides regular travellers with access to wholesale rates for the most popular routes around the UK and its islands.

The only compromise, book a slot that works for your schedule.



London  –  Isle of Man


Standard charter

London  –  Isle of Man



London – Mallorca


Standard charter

London  –  Mallorca



Miami  –  New York
(Super Midsize)


Standard charter

Miami  –  New York
(Super Midsize)


Not ready to commit?

While the account investment is always refundable, If you’re not quite ready to commit then you still have access to our global private jet booking app.

The Instajet app, available for iPhone and Android, is backed by our 24/7 operations team and gives you direct access to instant category-specific on-demand pricing.

When you’re ready to take advantage of our full membership set-up, our account success team will guide you through the process.


Flexibility and understanding

It means that you understand we are maximising the efficiency of the aircraft and crew for us to be able to offer you unbeatable prices for business jet travel. This translates into us, offering you, set departure times for the flight you have requested that you and your passengers must comply with.

We typically start the flying day with the first departure around 07:30 and depending on what aircraft category you are flying in depends on whether there is a potential for us to fly 6 client trips per day or only 4.

We would expect (depending on aircraft category) to conduct 2 member trips in the morning and 2 member trips in the afternoon as an absolute minimum per day, but ideally 6!

Flexibility and Understanding means we tell you when ‘WE’ need you to depart, and that will typically be as close as possible to your ‘ideal’ departure time and confirmed at the initial point of your booking / reservation, which really should be in advance and as far ahead as possible – so that everyone benefits from unbeatable prices in business aviation that you will not find anywhere else.

The departure times we offer you, will always be the best we can do based on the existing bookings and commitments. YOU must accept a small compromise in scheduling times when required for the prices we are offering, as that’s the whole point of what we are trying to do, to give you unbeatable prices. We feel this is very fair and tolerable – especially if you are booking ahead which we strongly encourage and promote, rather than last minute, where it becomes stressful for everyone.


How is the aircraft managed and operated?

The aircraft are long term leased by Instajet and exclusively managed for and on behalf of Instajet Club Ltd by approved CAA / EASA or FAA AOC holders under a management contract.

  • The aircraft operated by management companies for Instajet Club Ltd operate to standards that exceed ARGUS Platinum
  • The aircraft are for member use only – and their guests.
  • All aircrew are uniformed

What if I want out, and want my money back?

Sometimes things happen and you want out! We get it – we are also realistic and will support any decision you make and make it as painless as possible; we want you to recommend us, not tarnish us!

There will be a termination fee if you leave the club within 12 months – this will be calculated based on how much you have flown. There will also be a sterile period where you cannot re-join to take advantage of the unbeatable prices.

How much flying am I entitled to?

You are able to fly as many hours as you want – unrestricted in any aircraft category.

Can I book the aircraft for my friends and family whether I am onboard or not?

Yes definitely – if you book it with funds from your account the aircraft is yours – BUT you must ensure your guests understand the etiquette and ensure they know the rules for timings and lateness – If they swan up after 15 minutes – we will be taxiing away to the runway and not returning – we do not hang around due to tardy timekeeping.

What happens if the aircraft is already booked when I need it?

Instajet operates a floating fleet model, and we operate a ‘slot’ system to allocate the aircraft for its availability daily – this may mean we cannot offer you the exact departure time you request but we will tell you what we can do – and try and ensure it works for you and us. We also have spare ‘Pool’ aircraft in the program that are not Instajet owned but available to us – this gives us more than sufficient flex within the booking system to resolve scheduling conflicts and to ensure lift for our members. We can also draw on the on-demand market for supplemental lift as required.

What are the minimum and maximum trip times and why can’t I just fly where I want irrespective of the trip distance?

The minimum flight time charged for any trip in this program is 1 hour with no exceptions. 
We manage to offer you unbeatable prices by limiting the trip time for each flight depending on aircraft category. We have done this after careful and intense analytical review of the flight tracking data for all business jets that operate in Europe and the USA. There are very clear trends as to how long each aircraft category spends in the air and we have built our program around those very defined trends. 
This program is not attractive to anyone that regularly flies trips over 3 hours. 
All trips that are ‘just over 3 hours’ are at the discretion of Ops at the time of booking…. It is not a hard ‘no’ but we do not encourage them as a regular trip request.
The standard trip duration is as follows:

  • Turboprop 90 mins
  • Light 120 mins
  • Mid-size 180 mins
  • Super-Mid size 180 mins
  • Heavy 180 mins

Who can book the aircraft and fly on my account?

Anyone that you list in your member agreement with an original signature can book the aircraft to use under authorisation from yourself*
Re-sale of flight time by members or approved account flight requestors to non-members is prohibited and liable for immediate cancellation of member agreement and denial of further flight use in the program.

What other charges apply?

  1. You must have a minimum of £25,000 GBP / $30,000 USD on account as a min balance at ALL times
  2. ALL flight reservations are paid in full at time of booking – actuals are tallied up in arrears and either credit / debit balanced out.
  3. Trip costs are tabled below and are relevant to the booking date – We bill in first hour then subsequent hour for trip time.
  4. All flights are billed based on actuals i.e. and to the nearest 6 minutes so if you fly 1:15 you will only be billed 1:18
  5. Excessive landing / handling costs depending on airport requested may incur a balance surcharge to be applied – this will be informed at point of booking.

Operator provides standard stock items (such as bottled water, sodas, pretzels, granola bars, etc.) at no additional cost. Operator can arrange catering for Customer upon request at Customer’s expense. Customer will provide catering requests at least twenty-four (24) hours in advance of its scheduled departure time. Members agree and hold Instajet harmless in any catering failures or food related problems…. It’s the bain of our lives!

FBO Selection; Landing Fees:
Operator will select its preferred FBO for all flights. Customer may request to use a certain FBO, which Operator will accommodate if reasonably possible. For all flights, any excessive landing / handling fees shall be charged to Customer at Operator’s actual cost – on a pre-notified basis!

Pets are welcome on flights. Customer will provide at least twenty-four (24) hours’ prior written notice to Instajet. Deep cleaning charges apply if Pets foul the cabin.

Safety and peace of mind

Every aircraft receives thorough ongoing safety and emissions checks to ensure they meet the strictest of regulations. All charters are Part 135 certified. Instajet is also a member of NBAA.

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