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Air travel demand: Can aviation keep up?

During the Covid19 pandemic, a lot of industries came to a standstill. One industry in particular was hit hard by travel restrictions: Global air travel.

Many airlines and travelers were frustrated with the inability to access other countries, especially when their business was at stake. Meanwhile, air travel demand continued.

However, while your ‘ordinary’ flights were often grounded as countries went into lockdown, private aviation customers started to increase, for a number of reasons. One of which, was the health risks associated with flying on your ‘regular’ airlines – when airports were certainly not a place anyone wanted to be for fear of Covid19.

Aviation is bouncing back – and business aviation is stronger than ever

There’s no denying it, with around two years of flights being delayed, cancelled and unable to take off, many travelers around the world have been keen to get flying more. But of course, once you get a taste of business aviation, this new type of air travel is difficult to move away from.

But unfortunately, chartering a private jet has become increasingly difficult, with so much demand in the industry, and not enough supply. Not only this, trying to keep up with ever-changing T&Cs has made it impossible for travelers to fly freely, without their budget suffering.

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Commercial aviation faces major operational problems

If the pandemic wasn’t enough to put a halt to air travel, commercial airlines are now facing staffing issues. During the many lockdowns, airlines reduced their headcount quite significantly, and with low staffing levels, airlines cannot keep up with demand for frequent flights.

Of course, recruiting and training new airline staff doesn’t happen overnight, either. So it could be some time until we see the previous activity levels of commercial aviation. With many travelers facing cancellations and poor customer service, many look to travel in new ways.

The extraordinary demand for private aviation

While private aviation was knocked by lockdowns and restrictions, there’s no denying that it not only bounced back a lot faster, but it also didn’t get affected anywhere near as much. Flying privately allowed travelers to avoid the multiple touchpoints associated with commercial air travel, cutting out queues, huge cancellations, delays, and flying with many, many people – especially during a pandemic.

Ever since, private aviation has grown considerably, but the number of aircraft available hasn’t quite kept up with the demand. With few aircraft available, a day of flying for one single jet can be exhausting, as it travels on multiple trips for several clients.

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However, while travelers search for on-demand flights at an ever-increasing cost, here at Instajet, we’ve designed a new way to fly. By the day.

Introducing JetAhead

As more experienced private flyers look for consistency in their schedules, we have launched the JetAhead program to answer this industry demand – delivering transparent pricing, financial security and reliability.

Instead of relying on on-demand jet charter services, the JetAhead model works on the basis of booking in advance. Much like you would when you book a hotel. As a high net worth individual, your time is precious, which is why we allocate a jet to you for the day/s booked, giving you total freedom to travel where, and when, you want to.

With JetAhead, there’s no waiting around for the aircraft to complete trips with other passengers. Much like owning your own aircraft, you can visit multiple destinations according to your schedule, nobody else’s.

The further ahead you book, the less you pay. It’s that simple. You simply pay a fixed day rate cost for the aircraft, and then the fuel, and where you go, is paid in arrears.

But why fly with JetAhead instead of using Jet Cards and on-demand charter?

Unlike Jet Cards and on-demand charter services, JetAhead allocates a jet to you for the day/s booked. At present, other business aviation models cannot keep up with the current demand, meaning that gaining access to a jet is becoming increasingly difficult.

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Not only that, but ever-changing T&Cs and fuel surcharges are not only confusing, but an expensive and unpredictable way to travel. With JetAhead, we’re fully transparent about the costs and format of our program, making your air travel as seamless and stress-free as possible.

A courtesy private jet

But how can you get involved when you own your own aircraft? As an aircraft owner, you’ll be well aware of the intense maintenance checks your jet has to undergo. When your aircraft goes in for a heavy check, you could be without travel for a number of weeks, especially if more issues are uncovered. So what do you do? Jump to Jet Cards? On-demand?

Forget these options – JetAhead can supply you with an aircraft to keep on standby while your own undergoes its checks, keeping you up in the air when you need it most. Forget downtime, forget messing up your schedule, keep flying with ease with JetAhead.

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