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How JetAhead™ changes the dynamics of using a private jet.

The private aviation industry has never been busier, and shows no signs of slowing down. This means that using a private jet has become increasingly frustrating for travellers, with ever-changing T&Cs and little availability of private jets.

Put simply, private jet travel has also never been more frustrating than it is now. For those who frequently travel via the same routes and have their diary mapped out months in advance, we’ve created a new program that brings a new level of transparency to the industry:


Here’s how it works:

  1. You book an aircraft for a day or multiple days at a fixed daily rate, the further ahead you book, the less you pay.
  2. The aircraft is exclusively yours, for the day/s you’ve booked it. You fly wherever you want (subject to crew duty limits).
  3. You pay the variable operating costs of the flight in arrears from your account.
  4. You don’t pay any positioning charges.

It’s as simple as hiring a car. And we all know how that works.

Why JetAhead?

So why switch to a program driven by booking a private jet in advance? Well, here’s how JetAhead™ differs from Jet Cards and Fractional Ownership:

  • No changing T&Cs.
  • No fuel surcharges, because you’re paying actual fuel costs on the day in arrears.
  • No rounding up of taxi times vs flight times.
  • It’s your aircraft for the day, exclusively, it won’t be late for departure.

Why be confined to strict scheduling, when you can book a private jet for the day? This means… No waiting around for other travellers, as the jet will be allocated to you – and only you – for the day. After all, we fly to your schedule. If you’re late, no problem. If you want to depart early, we’re ready and waiting.

For information on up to date pricing and availability, please contact: or call +44 1983 242888 (EU) or +1 201 584 1772 (USA)

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