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Why should you book a private jet in advance?

In recent months, business aviation has gotten busier and busier. We are now at a point where the private jet charter market can no longer cope with demand, especially when travellers are wanting a jet the very next day.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, the demand for private jet charters has increased considerably, especially as people looked to reduce their exposure risk, while keeping to their schedule.

Flying privately naturally means quieter airports, much fewer fellow travellers, private lounges and of course, no lengthy queues. This momentum mid-pandemic has continued into 2022, and currently shows no sign of slowing down.

This means that supply hasn’t quite managed to meet the increased demand, especially for the on-demand market. However, booking your travel ahead can make it far easier to secure your travel in advance. But how?

The benefits of booking your private jet ahead

We’re all familiar with booking our accommodation in advance, aren’t we? Often, before we even decide when we want to travel, we check out local hotels to tempt us into booking. 

Of course, it’s highly unlikely that you would fly to a destination and arrange your hotel when you step off the plane. So why aren’t we booking private jet travel in advance, like we would our hotel? 

For a long time, private aviation has been an on-demand industry, but with private jet charters unable to keep up with demand, there has never been a better time to know your schedule (and therefore your travel plans) in advance.

In response to a market that is under pressure, we recently launched the JetAhead program. A program designed for high net worth individuals that know their diary months in advance and want to secure a private jet for the day, not on a per-trip basis.

So, what are the benefits of booking your private jet in advance?

  • When you book with JetAhead, you can save thousands of dollars by booking in advance
  • You are allocated an aircraft for the day, to use as you wish*
  • We don’t do estimates or fuel surcharges, you only pay for the fuel you use, according to actual costs at the pump
  • You can enjoy full freedom, with a private jet on standby – ready to go when you are

We understand that your plans can change – often on the day – and that’s no problem. If you choose to add further stops to your travel plans, we can cater to your needs. After all, the aircraft is allocated to you, and only you, for the day/s booked.

  • Want to leave earlier?
  • Or maybe depart later?
  • Add in an extra stop?

No problem, with JetAhead.

Book a private jet early for peak events and times

If you’re planning to travel around the time of major celebrations and holidays, it’s important to note that there will be increased demand within the private aviation industry. You wouldn’t leave your hotel booking until the last minute, would you? Especially when you’re travelling hundreds or thousands of miles.

In order to guarantee your private jet allocation, you need to plan ahead. Book your private jet rental for Christmas, Easter, Thanksgiving, spring break, or your summer vacation as soon as you know your travel plans. Remember, with JetAhead, you can change your plans on the day – you’re not confined to someone else’s schedule.

How far in advance should you book a private jet?

Just how early should you book your private jet travel?

While many look to the on-demand private charter market to secure their travel, we prefer to book an aircraft for our travellers by the day. With huge savings when booked 151+ days in advance, if you know your diary months in advance, why not save money and secure your travel at the same time?

This not only means that you can rest assured that an aircraft will be there ready and waiting on your day/s of travel, but it also gives us a clear idea of their aircraft availability. The further ahead you book, the more you save, it’s that simple.

Ready to book ahead?

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