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Make travel scheduling simple

Support staff from PAs to concierges, from EAs to valets, choose the Instajet community because it makes their role easier, taking away the hassle usually associated with private air travel. No more endless research and dealings with multiple agents and brokers to get the best price and availability on behalf of your team or boss. With Instajet, you simply find the right flights and reserve them directly via the app, and we take care of the rest. You can also earn rewards from referring our app.

Easy and convenient

With the free Instajet app, you simply enter the route, date and time required for travel and are instantly provided with the five best available choices of private aircraft category. Each comes with a fixed price and guaranteed quality. You can then reserve the flight on behalf of the passengers or refer the app with your personal QR code for them to register and reserve their own flights, whichever works for you.

Innovative referral rewards programme

When you register with the Instajet app you can request your own custom QR code which you can freely distribute to people who are likely to book private air travel, to quickly and easily refer them to the app. When they register and book with Instajet, you will earn £100 for each flight each of them takes for 12 months. You can also use your QR code to quickly refer your network of peers to the app so that they can benefit too.

Safe, secure and reliable

With Instajet, you can be confident and sure of using, referring and sharing our app. The price we quote you is the guaranteed price for the flight: there are no hidden costs and no surprise price rises at the last minute. We match passengers and operators together, with real, knowledgeable aviation experts behind the scenes rather than artificial intelligence and algorithms. We aim to delight the passenger by providing the best quality aircraft available. We do the hard work to make your work easier.

"Introductions and recommendations have long been a preferred way for people to find high-end goods and services. From executive assistants to personal chefs, chauffeurs, pilots, yacht captains and concierges, our referrers simply earn when we earn."

Nick Davis, Founder and CEO, Instajet

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