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Planning to travel to/from Atlanta? A city known for its rich history, creative minds and ongoing events, as well as its diverse musical heritage and sports teams! Whether you’re visiting Atlanta for business or leisure, we’ve made it simpler than ever to rent light jets as easily as renting a car.

Atlanta is a bustling city with glittering skylines, but if you’re looking for a greener view, you won’t miss out there either, don’t worry. Often considered a ‘city in the forest’, Atlanta is filled with charismatic neighborhoods and expansive green spaces to explore.

Whether you’re travelling for business or leisure, there are hidden gems to be discovered in just about every corner of Atlanta GA. From fine dining to incredible arts, no matter the purpose of your trip, there is plenty to discover.

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Airports in Atlanta and the surrounding area

A major aviation hub in the USA, Atlanta is accessible via several conveniently located airports, including:

  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL, KATL) – also known as Atlanta Hartsfield–Jackson International Airport, Atlanta Airport, Hartsfield, Hartsfield–Jackson or by its airport code ATL, it is the primary (and therefore considered the world’s busiest airport) international airport serving Atlanta, Georgia, US.

  • DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK, KPDK) – it is located in the city of Chamblee, just northeast of Atlanta. It is also known commonly as Peachtree–DeKalb Airport, or simply PDK.

  • Falcon Field Airport (FFC, KFFC) – located 25 nautical miles southwest of the central business district of Atlanta, in Peachtree City, Atlanta Regional Airport is most commonly known as Falcon Field.

  • Fulton County Airport (FTY, KFTY) – also known as Charlie Brown Field or Brown’s Field, is a county-owned, public-use airport in Fulton County, Georgia, United States. It is located six nautical miles west of the central business district of Atlanta.

  • Cobb County Airport (RYY, KRYY) – located 21 miles northwest of the central business district of Atlanta, it is immediately south of the city of Kennesaw in Cobb County, Georgia, United States.

  • Gwinnett County Airport (LZU, KLZU) – often referred to ‘Briscoe Field’ – this airport is located about 2 miles northeast of Lawrenceville, GA, and 34 miles northeast of downtown Atlanta.

Private jet rental Atlanta

Why use JetAhead for private air travel from Atlanta?

Unlike Atlanta private jet charters, JetAhead allows travellers to be flexible with their schedules when using a private jet to fly to Chicago – or any other destination. In the world of private charter flights, you would expect to pay on a per-trip basis, with no freedom to change the route or schedule.

With JetAhead, you rent the private jet for the day – at a fixed cost. This means the private jet is allocated to you, and only you, for the day/s booked. If you want to leave earlier, depart later or travel to a different location, no problem. Unlike a charter flight, with JetAhead you can experience virtual private jet ownership, with zero fuss, stress or Jet Card frustration.

This means that unlike Atlanta charter flights, a private jet will remain with you in Atlanta, and only leave when you’re ready to. It will not leave to carry out other trips with other travellers. JetAhead makes private flights easy, more transparent and stress-free compared to chartering private jets. Plus, the further ahead you book your private jet to Atlanta, the less you pay.

Atlanta private jet charter

Why seek Atlanta private jet charter, when…

  • You can book with JetAhead in advance and pay less the further ahead you book

  • A private jet will be allocated to you for the day/s booked, which means it won’t be dashing off to make trips with other travellers

  • You pay a fixed day rate cost for the aircraft, and everything else is taken in arrears, according to actual costs

  • With JetAhead, there are no fuel surcharges or hidden costs

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Private jet rental Atlanta

Save money by booking your Atlanta private jet in advance with JetAhead.

Most popular private jet flights from Atlanta

  • Private Jet from Atlanta to Savannah – a private jet from Atlanta to Savannah is one of our most popular routes. However, since we work on a day rate basis (not per trip), if you choose to add further stops into your day, you can. 

  • Charter flights from Atlanta to St Simons Island – St. Simons is an island off the Georgia coast. It’s known for its salt marshes and sandy stretches like East Beach, making it incredibly popular with those looking to unwind and relax just off of Atlanta GA.

  • Private Jet Flights from Atlanta to Augusta – fly for business, pleasure and everything in between with JetAhead, straight from Atlanta to Augusta.

  • Atlanta charter jet to Jacksonville – look for a new way to travel with JetAhead and ditch the frustration of private jet charter flights from Atlanta.

Top US Destinations

Fly wherever your schedule takes you, view our top requested destinations.

Most requested private jet flights to Atlanta

  • Charter jets from New York to Atlanta – leave the Big Apple in style and enjoy private jet rental with a difference.
  • Charter a private jet from Chicago to Atlanta – fly according to your schedule in one of our jets from Chicago to Atlanta.

  • Private jet charter from Orlando to Atlanta – private plane charter has just gotten easier and more transparent with JetAhead. Book your jet from Orlando to Atlanta now.

  • Jet charters from Augusta to Atlanta – private jet travel is easy with JetAhead. Flying private from August to Atlanta is easily done in a short flight time of around 31 minutes.

Atlanta FAQ

Which are the most popular Atlanta airports?

  • Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport (ATL, KATL)

  • DeKalb-Peachtree Airport (PDK, KPDK)

  • Falcon Field Airport (FFC, KFFC)

  • Fulton County Airport (FTY, KFTY)

  • Cobb County Airport (RYY, KRYY)

  • Gwinnett County Airport (LZU, KLZU)

Why use JetAhead over Atlanta private jet charter?

Atlanta private jet charter often requires a huge amount of planning. Unlike private charter, the JetAhead program allows you to book an aircraft from Atlanta, GA for the day. This means there’s no waiting around for other travellers to complete their trips, and no restrictive travel schedule.

With JetAhead, travelling to and from Atlanta is made easy, since you ‘own’ the aircraft for the day. It doesn’t matter whether you want to leave earlier, depart later or simply have an aircraft on standby, you pay a fixed day rate cost for the aircraft and the variable costs in arrears. Plus, unlike many jet charter flights, we don’t add on any fuel surcharges, so you only pay for the fuel you use, according to actual costs at the pump.

How much is it to charter a private jet to Atlanta?

Private jet charter flight costs are on the rise, especially with the rise of fuel costs. With many also adding fuel surcharges, their ever-changing T&Cs can make it difficult for travellers to keep up. It’s no surprise that many have become frustrated with Jet Cards and the charter market as a whole.

When you book your travel to Atlanta 151+ days in advance, you can save thousands of dollars by booking your travel ahead. Whether you want a jet on standby while your own goes in for maintenance, or you know exactly where you want to go, the JetAhead program allows you to fly to your schedule.

  • With JetAhead, there is no strict scheduling

  • Have a jet on standby for the day/s booked

  • One of our light jets is allocated to you for the day, and only you, there’s no waiting around while it carries out other trips

How much does JetAhead cost?

For the most up to date fuel pricing, you can speak to one of our private aviation experts. However, the further ahead you book, the less you pay. So if you know your schedule for next 6+ months, why not book an aircraft now and save thousands of dollars?

You pay a fixed day rate for the aircraft, and then all variable costs are paid in arrears.

We have our own aircraft operating in the Atlanta area. Take a look at our aircraft page to see our incredible light jets.

It doesn’t matter why you’re visiting Atlanta, but of course, knowing the best hotels is key for experiencing a new level of luxury and relaxation. Here’s a few of our favourites:

  • The Candler Hotel

  • The Whitley

  • Loews Atlanta hotel

  • The Westin Buckhead Atlanta

  • Omni Hotel at the Battery Atlanta

What is there to do in Atlanta?

There is so much to do and explore across central Atlanta, including the wonderful downtown Atlanta area. As well as topping the list for the world’s busiest airport – with just under 76 million passengers in 2021 – Atlanta has plenty to offer visitors, including:

  • Atlanta botanical garden

  • Atlanta zoo

  • Atlanta opera

  • Great Georgia air show

  • Alliance theatre

  • Watching professional sports teams

  • Seeing Atlanta symphony orchestra perform

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